Petrochemical and Refining Congress (P.R.C) Hamburg 22-23th May 2017
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21st International Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition (IOGRPE 2016)
Venue: Tehran International Permanent Fair Ground – Tehran-Iran
Iran will hold its 21st international Oil and Gas Show from May 5 to 8 in Tehran.
21st International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition displayed a wide range of technical and industrial abilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries worldwide in the area of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical.


As we celebrate 25 years of providing high quality butt-weld fittings for the construction industry we extend our thanks and best wishes to the people that made this milestone possible. SARA was founded 25 years ago and has remained a family business ever since. But a lot has changed in 25 years. Today, SARA is the manufacturer with the most comprehensive collection of products and materials and dimensional range on the market. Our success comes from hard work and dedication, helping us expand, develop and implement new solutions, customizing our products for your needs. Hard work has its rewards as we received numerous certifications and awards. SARA is proud of what it has accomplished over the last 25 years and hopes to keep this momentum for the many years to come.
Another successful day at the fair.

Tube 2016 will give a broad overview of developments in the fields of raw materials, tubes and accessories, tube manufacturing machinery, rebuild and reconditioned machinery, process technology tools and auxiliaries as well as measuring, control and testing technology, pipeline and OTG technology, profiles and machinery. The special “Plastic Tube Forum” exhibition will also be part of Tube 2016 again.