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SARA offers a wide range of products that fit the international quality standards for butt-welding fittings and can be the partner you have been looking for when having to deal with challenging individual solutions.

The only European manufacturer that offers you, a complete range of steel fittings for welding – elbows, bends, tees, reducers, saddles and caps – produced in our workshops

A few things we’re great at

Premium Materials: we use in our production seamless pipes, SAWL pipes and plates

Cutting-Edge Technology: our equipment includes: 8 technological lines to produce induction elbows, 3 lines to produce induction bends, 4 vertical hydraulic presses for tee formation through hydroforming and 8 vertical hydraulic presses to produce reducers, caps and saddles. All the technological lines are served by electric and gas ovens for material preheating. For heat treatment SARA has 3 electric ovens with mobile table.

Comprehensive Quality Control: we use rigorous testing methods, both destructive and non-destructive, in our own EN 17025 certified laboratory.

Diverse Product Range: SARA excels in crafting a wide variety of fittings, from induction elbows to reducers and caps. It also manufactures fittings in welded construction using plate shells, employing plate rolling machines for cylindrical or conical shaping, along with submerged arc welding equipment.

Expansive Facilities: Operates in an 18,000 sqm industrial space, capable of producing fittings with outer diameters from ½” to 56”.

Over 30 years experience and more than 1000 satisfied customers

The only manufacturer in Europe providing full spectrum of steel welding fittings

SARA’s products are utilised in the naval industry, as well as in networks for transporting combustible fluids, chemical plants, refineries, and in the transportation and distribution of thermal agents

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